"Pine Disinfectant"

No. 100

Davies “Pine Disinfectant” is a unique blend of cleaners and disinfectants that clean soil rapidly and completely, disinfects, and deodorizes, leaving a fresh, pine aroma. This product is ideal for nursing homes, hospitals, schools, and other institutions where cleanliness and sanitary conditions are important. “Pine Disinfectant” can clean and disinfect most any inanimate hard surface. Even severe odor problems, such as garbage cans, urinals, and other restroom surfaces, and kitchen areas can be deodorized and sanitary.


To disinfected hard surfaces, walls, floors, etc., add 4 oz. “Pine Disinfectant” per gal. Of water and wet surface thoroughly. Allow 10 minutes of contact, and air dry; rinsing is not required. For severe cleaning applications, use “D.C. 99” first to clean and then use “Pine Disinfectant” to disinfect and deodorize.