"San-o-Kleen #200"

Multi-surface Disinfectant Cleaner 

  • Pleasant fragrance, fast cleaning
  • Effective sanitizer, disinfectant
  • Non-staining, safe on all surfaces
  • Effective against tuberculosis & HIV
  • Easy to use
  • Clean, sanitary fragrance
  • Economical aerosol alternative 

DaviesSan-O-Kleen 200 is a cleaner disinfectant that is ready to use and easily spray applied. This will kill germs on contact, clean dirt and soil, and leave a pleasant, clean fragrance. San-O-Kleen 200is safe to use on all hard surfaces, and offers a tremendous cost savings compared to aerosol products. It is ideal for cleaning, disinfecting of walls, sinks, counters, trash receptacles, etc. Highly active disinfectants are used to give broad spectrum germicidal activity against:

Tuberculosis bacteria

Streptococcus pyogenes

Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Staphylococcus auerus

Salmonella choleraesuis

Escherichia coli

Klebsiella pneumoniae

Influenza A/Brazil virus

Trichophyton mentagrophytes


Salmonella typhi

Enterobacter aerogenes

Streptococcus faecalis

Shigella dysentariae

Brevibacterium ammoniagenes

Serratie marcuescens

Canine parvovirus

Directions: Apply San-O-Kleen 200 to walls, floors, and other hard surfaces such as tables, chairs, countertops, sinks, tile, porcelain, and bed frames with spray or cloth and thoroughly wet surfaces. When used on appropriate surfaces in locked rooms, it will control athlete’s foot fungus. When used correctly, San-O-Kleen 200 is bactericidal, fungicidal, and virucidal, and will prevent growth of mold and mildew.