"Aqua Treat 300"

Corrosion Inhibitor for Water Systems 

Aqua-Treat #300 is a liquid concentrate that controls corrosion in hot and cold water lines. A chemical pump is used to disperse very low treatments into water systems, and Aqua-Treat #300 forms a microscopic protective layer on the pipe interior, preventing corrosion. This treatment is effective on iron, steel, galvanized brass, copper and bronze piping. The protective film does not build on itself and will not obstruct water flow or heat transfer.

Water that is acidic will actually dissolve metal piping, which will discolor water, causing red or brown water. Aqua-Treat #300 is effective in preventing this by protecting the pipes from corrosion. The usable pH range is 6.0 to 8.5, which is the usual pH of potable water. However, for acidic water, neutralization to neutral pH or slightly higher is suggested. Water treated with a water softener is especially prone to corrosion, which is prevented with Aqua-Treat #300 treatments.

Aqua-Treat #300 treatment is safe for human consumption and not detectable by taste. U.S. Public Health Service and most states approve treatment of municipal water with Aqua-Treat #300. A test kit is available to monitor normal usage concentration.



In actual use, Aqua-Treat #300 is diluted usually in a drum of water and pumped into the water line with a positive displacement pump. The specific dilution will be dependent on water flow rate and chemical pump capacity. One gallon of Aqua-Treat #300 will treat 116,000 gal. of water at 2 ppm or 23,200 gal. of water at 10 ppm. The recommended initial treatment is 10 ppm, with the normal concentration determined by customer needs (usually 8 ppm).

The following treatment figures were determined using a DAVIES ‘Chem-Pump’ which pumps 20 gallons per day; capacity set at maximum setting. 

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