"Aqua Treat 800"


“AQUA TREAT 800” is a concentrated powder for treating water to prevent scale build-up and iron deposits. Approved for usage in drinking water. Schools and institutions that are trouble with red water use it extensively. Restaurants and cafeterias for preventing lime deposits on glassware also use it very extensively.

Swimming pools can be effectively treated with “AQUA TREAT 800” to prevent slime and scale build up on sides of pools and preventing corrosion in the circulation system. “AQUA TREAT 800” increases life of water softeners by helping to keep resin beds clean and at the maximum capacity for longer periods.

“AQUA TREAT 800” is very inexpensive to use. The usage cost per volume of water treated is very nominal and inexpensive insurance to protect a water system against attack by water. It cannot be detected in the water by taste, smell or sight and causes no adverse physiological effects.

“AQUA TREAT 800” protects a water system in three ways:

  1. SCALE PREVENTION. Formation of scale in hot water systems can be adequately prevention with 1-5 ppm of treatment. The “AQUA-TREAT 800” will also attack scale previously deposits, however higher concentrations are required. The chemicals that make up this product are the most effective in scale prevention.
  2. CORROSION CONTROL. In protection, “AQUA TREAT 800” forms a molecular protective film on metal surfaces. Much less treatment is required for corrosion control than for scale control. In cold water systems with normal water flow, 2 ppm of treatment is sufficient for an adequate protective film. For water conditions of poor circulation, alkaline pH values above 8, or high temperatures, increased dosages of treatment as high as 10 ppm are required. The “AQUA TREAT 800” inhabits metal corrosion even in the presence of oxygen and carbon dioxide dissolved in the water.
  3. IRON STABILIZATION. Red water is prevented with “AQUA TREAT 800” by stabilizing the iron minerals in the water. 5 to 10 parts per million is necessary red water.

. Use 1 oz. “AQUA TREAT 800” for each 1000 gallons water applied directly into swimming pools just ahead of the filter. Should be applied every day.

THRESHOLD TREATMENT. Mix 10 lbs. “AQUA TREAT” to 50 gallons of water. Mix in plastic lined drum. This solution is pumped into water line at threshold with our special pump feeder which is hooked up so that each time the water flows, the pump will automatically pump prescribed amount of “AQUA TREAT 800” solution.

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