"Cure-Seal #100"


Cure-Seal #100
  • Exceeds ASTM Spec C-309
  • Seals & Helps Cure New Concrete
  • Ready To Apply Compound
  • Inside Or Outside Use
  • Durable/UV Light Resistant 

Davies “Cure-Seal #100”is an effective polymer based curing and sealing compound for new concrete.  This is applied after the concrete is worked and when all surface water has disappeared.  “Cure-Seal #100” exceeds ASTM specification C-309, by restricting moisture vapor transmission to 0.053 gm/cm2 of surface in 72 hours.  By sealing in the moisture, the cement reacts more completely with water, becoming stronger and harder.  Also, dusting, premature cracking, hair checking, and other concrete defects are remedied with “Cure-Seal #100”.


Apply “Cure-Seal #100” as soon as all surface water is gone.  Preferred application is with a ‘garden’ type pressure sprayer, however, hand brushing with a long nap roller, soft-bristle broom, or lamb’s wool applicator.  Apply evenly with coverage of 200 sq. ft. per gallon.  Drying time is 4 to 8 hours; for a second coat, wait 8 hours.  For indoor concrete, the resulting coating should last 6 months to one year depending on traffic, and may be recoated.  Complete removal can be done with Davies “Super-Strip”.