"Dust Mop Treatment"

Dust Mop Treatment
  • Removes dirt, dust, grit, and other soil from wood, composition tile, linoleum, cork and concrete
  • Will not harm or soften sealer, finnishes, wax, or polymer coatings
  • Keeps floor clean and bright with a minimum of cost
  • Fresh, pleasant aroma
  • Will not stain

Why move dust and dirt from one place to another? Only by picking it up can you eliminate the dust nuisance from your floors. The best way to pick up all the dirt is with a mop treated with this product! Daily sweeping in this way will insure a cleaner, healthier floor – and reduce the workload for maintenance personnel. Using this dust mop treatment, you will remove the soil quickly and cleanly and at the same time help retard rubber marking of the floors. It’s easy to use… just apply sparingly to a cotton dust mop – you’ll give your floors a “dry cleaning” treatment that’s much easier and more effective then wet mopping – and a real time saver!


Use sparingly, do not saturate mop. Ends of mop should not be wet. Follow directions carefully.

For Treating Dust Mop

Thoroughly spray the end of the dust mop. Do not spray near the very ends. Allow to stand until dry. After dust mop has been used, shake vigorously outdoors or onto a newspaper to release the small accumulated dirt particulates. If a fine dust comes out of the mop, it is an indication that the mop should be treated again. When the mop becomes too soiled, it may be rinsed under a stream of warm water and allowed to dry.