Food Grade Polymer Lubricant

USDA   - rate H1 lubricant for use where incidental food contact could occur.

PURE FOOD & DRUG ADMINISTRATION compliance with CFR title 21 part 121 section 121-2553 authorizes for use in federally inspected dairies, meat plants, poultry and all food processing plants. Non-Toxic, Non-staining, odorless, Totally resistant to water washout, formulated with E.P. and anti wear additives, Will not discolor or oxidizer, Excellent Rust protection, Formulated with P.T.F.E. to render superior lubrication, Has un excelled adhesion-cohesion properties. 

"EDA-LUBE” is engineered specifically for food processing plants- Dairies- Meat packing-Poultry plants. Due to the superior non-staining lubricating qualities, it is widely used by country clubs for greasing golf carts. In the event of golfer grease contacts, there will be no fabric discoloration or stain.

“EDA-LUBE” is also used extensively used by the Automobile Industry for lubricating doors. In the event of customer incident contact, there will be no fabric discoloration or stain plus rendering unexcelled lubrication. Clean up is easy and simple by using hot water (120) with Davies “DC-99” or any other quality cleaner.


40 lb. Timken E.P., Superior Four-ball and E.P. and anti wear, Excellent rust protection, oxidation inhabited, Unexcelled high temperature properties, Excellent adhesion- cohesion properties, superb water resistance, Superb lubricity and slipperiness.


Meat & poultry processors, Dairies, Egg grade and packers, Canners, Breweries, Bakeries, bottlers. Many industries outside the food process industries industry use “EDA-LUBE” due to the superior lubrication qualities of “EDA-LUBE”.


Conveyors, Rollers, Cable, Cams, Dicers, Slicers, Plungers, Sprockets, Gears, Caster, Grid Belts, Guide Rails, Open Lube points, Chains, Slides