"Hospital Disinfectant"


Hospital Disinfectant
  • Deodorant
  • Disinfectant
  • Tuberculocidal – Kills Staph, Strep and many other surface germs!
  • Eliminates odor and refreshes the air!
  • Wet spray assures germicidal power
  • Dries quickly
  • No oily film!!

Directions for General Use

Spray any surface suspected of harboring bacteria until damp. Remove excess moisture with a clean cloth, spray wash basins, mirrors, telephones, table tops, refuse cans, laundry chutes, door knobs, laundry carts, toilet seats, bed frames, bath mats, bath tubs, appliances, urinals, emesis dishes and other objects of general use. Remove excess with clean, dry or damp cloth.

Directions for Use In Sick-Rooms and Wards

Spray freely in atmosphere. Contaminated equipment or utensils should be sprayed directly to control foul odors. Mattresses and pillows should be sprayed lightly for deodorizing. Spray freely in burn or cancer wards to control odors. Where rooms become “stuffy” or stale odored, a light spraying will “condition” the air nicely. Excellent for use in laboratory or small operating rooms for controlling odors. Should be used daily in all bathrooms to keep air freshly deodorized.

Directions for Use On Instruments and Equipment in Hospitals, Industry, Surgery, Dentistry and Laboratory

Equipment: Clean articles to be disinfected thoroughly by usual procedures. Spray with non-selective disinfectant. Make sure surfaces are damp with spray, and then wipe off excess spray.

Instruments: Clean post-operatively by usual procedure. Spray with this product and wipe off excess spray. Sterilize in usual manner.

EPA REG. NO. 44446-67-11741