"Kill-Weed #100"

No. 100

Long Lasting Soil Sterilant

EPA Reg. No. 10088-2-11741

EPA Est. No. 10088-WI-1   

Total Vegetation Killer

Long Lasting Soil Sterilant

Easy and Safe to Use

Resistant to Rain Displacement

Economical to Use 

Davies “Kill-Weed 100” is a time proven product that not only kills existing weeds, but also sterilizes the soil to prevent further vegetation growth.  The advantages of “Kill-Weed 100” is that it is not water soluble, thus rain water does not readily ‘move’ this product out of treated soil.  Consequently, weeds are prevented from reappearing for extended time.  “Kill-Weed 100” is ideal for treating fence lines, road sides, railroad sidings, and wherever complete weed and plant elimination is required.

Directions:  “Kill-Weed 100” can be applied via spray or simply through a large sprinkling can. Durability of soil sterilization is dependant on soil and vegetation conditions, weather conditions and treatment quantity.  The normal rate is 1 gallon of “Kill-Weed 100” per 1,000 square feet of ground, but may vary greatly with conditions.  Generally, this treatment quantity will give effective weed protection for a 1 year period.  Higher dosages will increase duration of protection.  

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