Wick-Type Deodorant 

  • Amazingly effective and so economical
  • 1.5 Oz Bottle (12 per case)
  • Exclusive spill-guard insert in each bottle
  • Wick for constant odor control 

Approved for use in: hospitals (unexcelled for cancer wards), restaurants, office buildings, retail businesses, hotels, factories, homes, government installations or any areas where offensive odors are a hindrance to comfort or efficiency.

To deodorize cancer, gangrene, burns, etc.: A bottle tied to the bedpost, out of sight, will hold the room odorless 4 to 10 weeks.

Urology, Bedpans, etc.: One drop from bottle will hold unit odorless 4 to 5 hours after use.

To deodorize kitchens: A bottle placed in kitchen or cafeteria area, above door, or any secluded area, will prevent food odor from permeating throughout the building.