"Laundry Break 100"


Laundry Alkali Break and Builder 

  • Boosts Cleaning Efficiency
  • Excellent Grease Cutting Action
  • Ideal for Hard and Soft Water
  • Economical to Use 

Davies “Laundry Break #100” is a highly active laundry break (also called Alkali) that is used in the first wash stage to remove grease, oil, and other soils. This product can be used in conjunction with a detergent in the same cycle for deep cleaning and superior soil removal. Proper usage of “Laundry Break #100” will lower the detergent usage.




The amount of “Laundry Break #100” required is dependent on the soil load, soil composition and water hardness. Optimum results are obtained with soft water; for use with hard water, a chemical water softener should be added. Usage is also determined by type of fabric. For sheets, table linens, and white cotton, 5-10oz. Per hundred pounds is suggested. For colored wearing appeal and linens, use 3-6oz. Per hundred pounds.