"Laundry Brite"

Fabric Brightener Additive 

Laundry-Brite keeps laundered garments looking “like new” in brightness and appearance.

Laundry-Brite will save 25% on soap usage when added to soap cycle of laundry.

Laundry-Brite will eliminate both tub rings.

Laundry-Brite prevents streaky film on dishes when added to dish wash soap.

Laundry-Brite removes from laundered garments all left over detergent film, enzyme film, and other laundry residues left in garments which cause white garments to turn gray and colored garments to have a dull, dingy appearance.

Laundry-Britemakes laundered garments come out looking refreshed, feeling softer, more comfortable with “like new” brightness both in white garments and colored garments.

  • Soaps and detergent residues combined with lint and water minerals to form a washing film (like bath tub ring forms in your bath tub). The residue will cling to fibers and will not rinse out with plain water, either hard or soft.
  • “Washing film” turns white shirts gray, makes towels scratchy, leaves colors dull and dingy and leaves all garments with a harsh feeling.
Machine Laundering
  1. Add slightly less soap than normal (approx. 25% less)
  2. Add approx ¼ cup Laundry-Brite along with soap.
  3. Use approx ¼ cup Laundry-Britein rinse cycle as well as soap cycle, if garments are badly filmed with old detergents. It may take several washings to remove old film.
  4. After all old film is removed, add Laundry-Brite to soap cycle only.

Hand Laundering

Use approx. 2 teaspoons of Laundry-Brite per gallon of water

For Bath Water

Laundry-Briteprevents soap film from clinging to body and tub (no bath tub ring). Safe for baby’s skin too. Add enough Laundry-Brite to make water feel “silky soft”. (Approx. 1 ½ teaspoon per gallon water)

For Kitchen Use

Laundry-Britemakes washing tasks easier and faster – helps out grease, dissolves lint, prevents streaky washing film on dishes, walls, floors, tile, painted furniture, vinyl upholstery and rugs. Use approx. 2 teaspoons per gallon water. For automatic dishwashing machines, supplement machine dish soap with 25% Laundry-Brite in the dispension chamber. Add 25%Laundry-Brite to 75% machine dish soap.

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