Dry Cleaning Soap

For Stoddard solvent and perchlorethylene systems 

Continuous Cleansing Power Load After Load

Continuous Emulsifying Action On Wet Soluble Soils

Continuous Stain Removal While Dry Cleaning

REDUCES production costs

Simple and easy to use… Simply charge the system on a 1% charge (1 Gallon “Mertone” to 100 gallons of solvent). “Mertone” dry cleaning charge soap was developed by the Merson Product Company of New York, who were pioneers in the dry cleaning industry (they were founded 1918). Merson Product Company was the very first in the industry to introduce the charge soap system called ‘So-Kleen’ revolutionized the industry. The ‘So-Kleen’ system was updated in 1951 using “Mertone” charge soap. Since 1951 to the present day, “Mertone” has been one of the most outstanding soaps in the industry…superb cleaning power and stain removing qualities far above most dry cleaning soaps. “Mertone” will do more cleaning at 1% than most dry cleaning soaps will do at 2%. Thus “Mertone” will not only provide the highest cleaning, but it will also be one of the most economical soaps. To use. “Mertone” will provide whiter whites and brighter pastels as well as having superb stain removing qualities.