Chemically hardens concrete

Dust proofs, oil proofs & protects

Ideal for curing new concrete

Easy to apply

Durable & UV light resistant 

Davies “NU-SEAL#100”is ready to use concrete seal that actually hardens and increases abrasion and chemical resistance of the treated surface. Application is easy, either by spray, brush, mop, or paint roller. Treated concrete surfaces are sealed and dust proofed.


CURING:Apply“NU-SEAL” 24 hours after concrete is poured. The fresh concrete should be maintained wet prior to sealing. “NU-SEAL#100” will cover 200-300 sq. ft. per gal. A second coat is suggested, and may be applied 24 hours after 1st coat application.


CEMENT BLOCKS:Can be hardened with a single “NU-SEAL#100” treatment. Blocks should be 2-4weeks old for optimum results. Spray application is best, and resulting blocks are more weather resistant.


SEALING: existing concrete surface can be treated with “NU-SEAL#100”. Proper treatment results in hard, dust proof, oil proof, and acid-resistant, wear-resistant, and moisture-resistant concrete. “NU-SEAL#100” penetrates 1/8 to ¼ into concrete, sealing voids and strengthening the surface.


APPLICATION:Virtually every concrete surface can be treated with“NU-SEAL100”. Concrete contractors and ready mix plants use large amounts of curing seals. Any place with new or old concrete can use “NU-SEAL#100”.