"Silicone Mold Release #205"

General Purpose Release Coating for Rubber and Plastic Parts

Davies "Silicone Mold Release" is a highly effective release agent for industrial rubber parts, plastic products, tires, etc. Davies "Silicone Mold Release" is concentrated and can be diluted with tap water up to 100 to 1, depending on the application. Continued use does not cause build up on molds, and does not discolor rubber or plastic parts. Davies "Silicone Mold Release" not only acts as a release agent, but will also prevent newly coiled rubber extrusions from adhering together, while improving the surface appearance. Davies "Silicone Mold Release" also performs well as a wire and cable lubricant. Davies "Silicone Mold Release" does not support fungus growth that would damage cable appearance.


Use and proper dilution is best determined by actual applied use. For a starting point, try 50:1 for spray and 25"1 dilution for brush application.