Stabilized Granular Chlorine

Beautiful backyard pool.
  • Sun-stable formulation
  • 100% soluble, no residue
  • Easy to use
  • Safe to store and use
  • High strength chlorine
  • Fast dissolving

DAVIES "STABLE-KHLOR" contains both chlorine (56% available) and stabilizer; together they sanitize the pool and prevent sunlight from stripping the chlorine.  DAVIES "STABLE-KHLOR" dissolves fast and complete, leaving no residue to cloud pool water.  When stabilizer reaches 30ppm, sunlight will not remove chlorine, and any chlorine loss is due to swimming chlorine demand.

Normal use will maintain the pool clear and sanitary. DAVIES "STABLE-KHLOR" is much safer to use and store than Calcium Hypochlorite (HTH), and does not require a yellow oxidizer warning diamond.


Daily Chlorination requires 3 ounces of DAVIES "STABLE-KHLOR" per 10,000 gallons of pool water.  A shock treatment of 1 pound DAVIES "STABLE-KHLOR" per 10,000 gallons is suggested periodically to burn out residual contaminants.  Sufficient treatment must be added to maintain a 1.0 ppm free chlorine residual.  DAVIES "STABLE-KHLOR" can be lightly scattered over the pool surface, while the recirculating pump system is running.  The recommended procedure (as for all powder products) is to dissolve slurry in a plastic pail and add slowly to the pool skimmer.