“Super Strip”
Wood Floor Stripper

Removes paint sealers & old wood floor finishes 


Super Strip” has several important advantages over the old type conventional strippers for gym floors as well as all other types of wood floors.

  • It is more powerful in its stripping action and will remove many types of materials (epoxy, lacquer, urethanes, etc.) that are somewhat difficult or impossible to remove with conventional removers.
  • It is faster acting and more penetrating than the conventional stripper. Its real advantage can be appreciated where several costs of old finish is being removed.
  • Where speed and time are of the essence, excessive material must be removed or difficult to remove on wood floor finishes; “Super Strip” is the material to use. “Super Strip” is 100% free of water, abrasives, acids, and other substances that would be harmful to gym floors as well as any other wooden floor. It is absolutely safe to use on any type of wooden floor… Non-Flammable!!!… Many types are not and they present a deadly unnecessary hazard.

Caution: Floor must be thoroughly dry. Any amount of moisture on the floor will cause bubbling of both the finish and the sealer.


Step #1

Apply “Super Strip” liberally with brush or lamb’s wool applicator.

The average coverage under normal conditions is approximately 75 square feet per gallon. As soon as “Super Strip” is applied, cover it with sawdust or other absorbent material. (Sawdust is available locally from any cabinet shop etc. or purchased at D.W. Davies & Co., Inc.) IMPORTANT: Remember, the stripper will work only as long as it is “wet”. Use a liberal amount and cover with sawdust. For best results work an area of 75 to 100 square feet.

Super Strip” will strip all types of gym sealers, finishes, shellac, lacquer, linseed oil, marking paints and enamels as well as special catalyzed epoxy finishes from gym floors or any other type of wooden floor. Remove gym enamel line stripping first by applying liberal amounts of “Super Strip”. Apply with paintbrush allowing 20 minutes for chemical action and scrape off with hand scraper to prevent enamel discoloring the rest of the floor. 

Step #2

  • Allow approximately 10 minutes for chemical action to work on finish. Use floor machine with wire brush to go over entire floor. (Do not use steel wool, as it will clog very fast).
  • After completing the floor with wire brush, sweep and vacuum all excess dust and old finish.
  • After removing excess dust and finish, go over entire floor with a #3 steel wool pad with floor machine.
  • Go over entire floor with tack rag.
  • Prepare tack rag by simply folding a Turkish towel (bath size) lengthwise either 2 or 3 times. Saturate the towel with “Davies Sparkle-Prep”. After towel is completely saturated, simply wrap over the head of a push broom. This will remove all oily residues from the floor.
  • To complete stripping job, buff floor thoroughly with a #100 abrasive screen pad.
  • Sweep and vacuum floor to remove all dust and/or other foreign material.
  • Go over floor two times with tack rag removing all final traces of oily films that may be present. (Do not use treated dust mop for this operation that may contain wax emulsion or oil type mop treatment)
  • Floor is now ready to apply any one of the Davies Wood Floor Finishes