Gasoline Additive

  • Makes for easy winter starting
  • Prevents gas line freeze ups
  • Acts as a power booster
  • Prevents carburetor vapor locks
  • Prevents rust and corrosion

DAVIES "SURE-BURN" is a gasoline additive designed to make all gasoline engines perform at top proficiency.  It prevents carburetor icing and gas line freeze up and protects the engine against rust and corrosion.

DAVIES "SURE-BURN" will give quick and easy winter starting.  Thus, much less water wear and tear on battery and moving starting parts.  It will also prevent carburetor vapor locks.

DAVIES "SURE-BURN" gasoline additive acts as a power booster giving all engines added power.  It is used and endorsed by many race car drivers to get higher speed through better engine performance.

We manufacture a slightly different version of this formula for use by the aircraft industry to give airplanes extra power for "take-off" and extra power when needed for landing.


Add 12 oz. to each 17 gallons gasoline or approximately 12 oz. for each tankful of gas when filling up an average car.  For larger tanks, such as busses, trucks, etc. add 12 oz. to each 17 gallons of gas in tank - dosage may be increase in cases that may have severe moisture problems or very severe winter weather.