Tire Mounting Lubricant

A standard automobile tire.
  • Outstanding lubricity
  • Strong 'cling' effect
  • Helps stop corrosion
  • Easy to use
  • Economical
  • Safe on hands

DAVIES "TIRE-LUBE" is a field-proven product that does an outstanding job in mounting tires to rims.  Special lubricity additives are used to allow tire mounting ease.  "TIRE-LUBE" exhibits strong 'clinging' tendency, to allow the lubricant to stay where it belongs to work, and not run away.  Corrosion inhibitors are incorporated to help inhibit rim corrosion.


"TIRE-LUBE" is generally used as is to take advantage of the 'cling' feature, however some customers may wish to dilute the product 50/50 with water, for economy.  Dilution will be individually determined by rim conditions and mounting procedures.