“TUFF-PATCH” actually a repairs crack, fills potholes, cures spalling, will smooth out erosions or level your floors for you. “TUFF-PATCH” will do it with one of the firmest-bonding, longest lasting substance ever made.

So strong, so sturdy, so resistant that soon after it’s been applied, you can actually drive a steel wheel truck over the floor, roll a loaded drum across it, even drop a heavy skid on it and that floor will shrug off abuse like an elephant shrugs off a fly.

“TUFF-PATCH” is actually 11 times the bonding strength of concrete. It won’t crack or separate under heavy loads and can with stand extreme temperatures.

SURFACE PREPARATION: The surface or pothole must be free of loose concrete and debris and cleaned to remove all oil, grease and dirt. The edges of the pothole must be scarified ¼ to ½ deep with vertical cut to prevent weak featheredges. The concrete substrate must be clean and structurally sound, and should be wetted with water to minimize water withdrawal from the “TUFF-PATCH” mixture.

MIXING PROCEDURES: Premix the latex concentrate with 1 gallon of water and add to the cement and hand mix in pail. When using a mixer first add the latex and water, then the cement. Mix thoroughly, but not more than 5 minutes, and apply to surface. Additional water may be used for a more fluid mix.

PLACEMENT AND FINISHING: “TUFF-PATCH” onto desired surface and trowel to level, and before set, broom finish if desired. “TUFF-PATCH” will set with a smooth surface and finish toweling is not generally required. Do not disturb surface after initial set. Do not allow “TUFF-PATCH”to freeze before set as taken. “TUFF-PATCH” will generally be readily for traffic one hour after set, except for low temperature or high humidity conditions, where additional set time may be required.