"Vandal Go"

Vandal Mark Remover

Vandal Go
  • Clings to vertical surfaces
  • Quickly removes vandalism marks
  • High solvency cleaning power
  • Dissolves marks fast
  • Flushes off fast
  • Safe for porous and non-porous surfaces
  • Spray on - Wipe off
  • Will not run off

“VANDAL-GO” contains blended solvents with “Cling-Power” for removing most markings found in public places, road signs and billboards, sidewalks, pavement and bridges; busses, trucks and buildings. “VANDAL-GO” removes crayon, pencil, marker, paint, wax, tape marks and many other markings.


Spray on surface to be cleaned and wipe with clean cloth and rinse with water. For hard to remove soil, repeat application and allow to stand about 30 seconds. In extreme cases, use a bristle brush or scrubbing pad and work into area being treated. Then spray again and wipe off. ALWAYS use a CLEAN CLOTH so that soils will not be re-deposited.

TEST SURFACE BEFORE USING! “VANDAL-GO” may soften some paints and plastics. Use freely on tile, brick, steel, brass, chrome, aluminum, vinyl, enamel, marble, glazed ceramic, porcelain, formica, etc. When used on synthetic surfaces, which are susceptible to solvent damage, such as rubber and asphalt tile, rubber base paints and certain plastics, care should be taken to pretest in a hidden area.