Broad Leaf Weed Killer 

Brush & Weeds Controlled
Sensitive Weeds: Hard-To-Kill Weeds: Brush:
Bedstraw Chicory Ash
Black Medic Dock Aspen
Buckhorn Ground Ivy Birches
Chickweed Healall Black Cherry
Clover Lespedeza Brambles
Dandelion Mallow Elms
Knotweed Morningglory Gooseberry
Lambsquarters Oxalis Honeylocust
Peppergrass Pigweed Kudzu
Plantain Poison Ivy Multiflora Rose
Purslane Poison Oak Oak
Ragweed Sheep Sorrel Poison Ivy
Shepherds Purse Speedwell Poison Oak
Wild Lettuce Spurge Shortleaf Pine
  Wild Carrot
Wild Onion

Davies “WEED-X” kills to the root, kills the root, kills weeds - not lawns* *when used as directed. Starts working within hours. Kills poison ivy, poison oak, kudzu & woody weeds. Effectively controls many lawn weeds as listed. Effectively controls dandelion chickweed and spurge as listed.

Limitations on spot treatments to woody plants:
The maximum noncropland application rate for tree, brush and woody plant control is 2.2 gallons of product per acre per application per site. The maximum seasonal application rate for trees, brush and woody plant control is 2.2 gallons of product per acre per application per site.  Limited to 1 application per year
Limitations on spot treatments to residential turfgrass:
Spot treatment is defined as a treatment area no greater than 1,000 sq.ft. per acre. The maximum application rate is 3.0 fl.oz. per 1,000 sq.ft. per application (0.21 lb MCPP-p acid equivalent per acre).  The maximum number of spot treatments is limited to 2 per year with a minimum of 30 days between applications.

EPA REG. NO. 2217-536-11741

EPA EST. NO. 11741-WI-1

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