Odor Eliminator

Davies “PeeRaser” is the best-known enzymatic urine and odor remover on the market. “PeeRaser” contains natural enzymes and a fresh, neutral scent to remove the toughest deep-set urine, odors and stains!

Waste Digester

"Enzo Kleen 100"
Liquid Enzyme Waste & Odor Digester
Davies "ENZO-KLEEN #100" is a double active product that can be used by every industry or institution. Special liquid enzymes are built into the product, for waste digestion in drain lines and septic systems, with special cleaners so that odor causing soil is completely removed from floors, walls, refuse containers, etc.
Activated Enzyme Drain Digester
Davies "GREASE-BE-GONE" represents the state of the art in bacterial enzyme products. This product is built with specialized digesters that attack, liquify and remove grease, fat and oil faster than any current enzyme product. Ideal for automatic injection and "Grease Trap Relief".
Waste Digester
Davies "SEPT-A-KLEEN" is a unique blend of five enzymes. Protease, amylase, cellulase, pectinase, and lipease along with a blend of aerobic and anerobic nonpathogenic (harmless) bacteria. Unique in that each ingredient is functional or contributes to the biodegration process.