Concrete Maintenance Products


Asphalt Truck & Equipment Cleaner
DESCRIPTION: ASPHALT TRUCK & EQUIPMENT CLEANER is a new trend setting formulation used by state, county and city road departments to address today’s safety and environmental regulations. ASPHALT TRUCK & EQUIPMENT CLEANER dissolves asphalt and road oils without the use of hazardous petroleum solvents. ASPHALT TRUCK & EQUIPMENT CLEANER is a thixotrophic formula allowing more hang time which aids in its ability to dissolve the “glue molecule” which allows asphalt to adhere to equipment.
Heavy Duty Concrete Floor Cleaner
Davies "BIG-MAC" contains powerful cleaning agents for total grease removal. Penetrates and removes heavy deposits of grease and garage soils. Thoroughly cleans without danger of flammable solvents.
Heavy-Duty Concrete Floor Cleaner
Davies “Citrus Scrub” is a high performing concrete cleaner, based on a meld of both established and new technology.
"Concrete Equipment Cleaner"
Inhibited Acid-Type Cleaner
Davies "CONCRETE EQUIPMENT CLEANER" is an inhibited acid-type cleaner formulated to clean and remove excess concrete build-up on ready mix trucks, mixers, and other equipment.


Heavy Duty Liquid Acid Concrete Etch
Davies "CON-ETCH" is a heavy duty concrete etch that is necessary for proper surface preparation prior to sealing. Special combination of acids and cleaners that enable a complete etching.


Black-Top Chuck-Hole Filler
Davies "DURA-FIL" fills unsightly and dangerous chuckholes, and wide cracks. Unlike ordinary blacktop patch, "DURA-FIL" can be applied at below-zero temperatures or in a damp chuck hole.
Pourable Crack Filler for Blacktop & Concrete Surfaces
Davies "KRACK-FILLER" is excellent for filling cracks in any blacktop or concrete surface. It dries to a rubber hard consistency, providing a crack-free surface prior to application of blacktop coating on blacktop driveways, or concrete sealer on concrete surfaces.

Parting Compound

Wax Pre-Spray Release Agent for Concrete Equipment
Concentrated Water Soluble Parting Compound
Davies "KOT-O-LUBE" is a highly concentrated water soluble parting compound. It is used for coating concrete forms for smooth release of concrete. It is also used for coating concrete trucks to prevent cement from adhering to the truck.
Concrete Mold Release Compound
Davies "WAX-O-KOTE" is very effective as a speedy mold release, or parting compound for cast concrete products. Use results in terrazzo smooth finishes on concrete cast from slurries. In addition to its performance as a parting compound, the product is effective as a rust preventive, protecting the metal forms from rusting during use and storage.


Concrete Plasticizer
Davies "TUFF-KRETE" is manufactured for use in concrete block, pipe, and precast plants. Has a special rust inhibitor incorporated to provide protection against excessive equipment corrosion.

Release Agent

"Asphalt Release 250"
Release Agent for Asphalt Trucks & Equipment
Davies "ASPHALT RELEASE" is a highly effective release aid, built for the asphalt industry.


Blacktop Sealer
Davies "BLACK-BEAUTY" is designed for residential and commercial use on driveways or large blacktop areas. This coating will preserve the surface and seal hairline cracks.
Oil Modified Urethane Concrete Sealer
Davies "HARD-KOTE" gives your concrete floors the tough treatment they need plus longer life. It is an outstanding hi-gloss floor sealer of extreme toughness and durability.
Concrete Seal & Finish
Davies "TUFF-KOTE" represents the culmination of acrylic-urethane research in concrete seal-finish. This product is thoroughly field tested and time proven. Applies easily over concrete, with no objectionable solvent odors.

Water Control

For Masonry, Concrete & Brick
Davies "WATER-TIGHT" is a clear compound formulated to penetrate into porous materials and provide protection against moisture, weather, efflorescence, freeze-thaw spalling, water-borne soiling and staining.