Aerosol Products


Designed for permanent or temporary bonding of almost any material including cardboard, foam rubber, plastic films, glass, cloth, wood and metal. Ideal for applying labels and tags in shipping departments, for bonding fiberglass and other insulation to metal in heating and air conditioning work.

Automatic Dispensers

"Automatic Spray Dispenser"
Metered Aerosol Dispenser
Automatically dispenses metered aerosol air fresheners, air sanitizers, and insecticides for pennies a day!
"Automatic Spray"
Metered Aerosol Air Fresheners & Insecticides
Davies “Automatic Spray” aerosols are built with metered spray nozzles to allow use in special Davies “Automatic Metered Aerosol Dispensers”.

Automotive Products

"Aero Wax SF"
Automotive Aerosol Spray Polish
Davies “Aero Wax SF” is a breakthrough product in the automotive detailing industry. Special cleaning and polish ingredients are incorporated for a very fast and easy ‘touch-up’ for all automotive surfaces.
"Econ-O-Kleen" is a highly concentrated solvent blend that provides maximum performance for cleaning brakes or parts without the use of o-zone depleting chlorinated solvents.
"Hi Shine"
Davies "Hi Shine" is a clear, non-foaming, odorless dressing which provides a water-resistant, high gloss shine.
Choke & Carburetor Cleaner
Davies "KARB-KLEEN" is a fast, efficient, and easy to use cleaner, that removes gum and varnish from carburetors, heat risers, PCV systems, automatic chokes, etc.
Davies "Kwik-Thaw" is the fast, simple, and effective way to quickly remove ice and frost from windshields, windows, headlights, and locks.
“PLOW GUARD” is specifically developed for snow removal use. One application of this chemically tested wax retains its slide-off effectiveness for a full 24-hour plowing operation.

Ceiling Repair

"Acoustical Ceiling Tile Restorer"
A unique 'spray-clay' system for instant refurbishing of stained or discolored ceiling tiles.

Cleaning Supplies

"Chewing Gum Remover"
Environmentally safe method to remove stubborn chewing gum and tar deposits without harming surfaces or leaving stains.
Contact & Circuit Board Cleaner
DAVIES ‘Contact & Circuit Board Cleaner’ is a highly effective blend of solvents that are fast drying, non-conductive and safe to use on plastics, rubber and metal.
“Foam-N-Kleen” is formulated to remove both water and oil based soils. This makes “Foam-N-Kleen” ideal as an all around, multi-surface cleaner that is mild on skin, safe on most surfaces, and tough on dirt.
An aircraft windscreen cleaner that meets all approvals: MIL P5425 sheet acrylic plastic, Boeing Lexan 9600, MIL P2569OA stretched modified acrylic sheet, BMS-89-135, CSD-1 aircraft transparencies and sandwich corrosion. Positively increases the pilot's visibility under all conditions.
Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish
Cleans and restores original brightness to aluminum, zinc, iron, mild steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, silver, and chrome.
A versatile foaming glass cleaner that can also be used to clean stainless steel, vinyl upholstery, and ceramic tile, among others.
Davies "MAGIC-GLASS" formula is designed specifically to clean glass. A balanced formula for control drying. Thus, it eliminates the need for hard rubbing to prevent streaks. Washes away grease, general soil, and fingerprints from glass, chrome, stainless steel, tile and plastic without streaking.
Davies “Mow-Kleen” stops all grass from sticking to the bottom side of your lawn mower-allowing your mower to continuously work at full strength!
"Oven & Grill Cleaner"
Davies “GRILL AND OVEN CLEANER” is safe to use on porcelain, glass, ceramics, stainless steel and cast iron surfaces.
Davies "Spot-X" carpet stain remover is a USDA authorized water base spot and stain remover.


A fresh spring breeze fragrance that freshens the room with a finely atomized spray that won't fall out and catch on hard surfaces.

Furniture Polish

Furniture Polish with Brighteners
Davies "LEMON-WAX" will remove stains, smudges and fingerprints. Leaves a clean, bright finish. Clean, natural lemon fragrance freshens the air.


"D.W. 40"
A penetrating oil that protects against corrosion; drives away dirt, grime, caked grease and oil; and lubricates to ensure friction free operation.
“Easy-Glide” is the quick, easy way to stop annoying squeaks…to free sticking windows and drawers. One spray not only thoroughly lubricates doors, truck doors, cabinets, etc. but effectively protects against water, ice, rust and corrosion.
“SAFE-LUBE” is a lubricant made of USP liquid petrolatum and propellant and providing a sanitary means of lubricating dairy and food processing equipment.
Davies “Strut-Guard” is specially designed and formulated to quickly and easily remove oils, greases, and accumulated dust and dirt from landing gear struts.


"Easy Stripe"
"Easy Stripe" is an efficient, high solids, long lasting, inverted spray paint for parking lots, playgrounds, tennis courts, and more.

Prevention & Protection

"Rust Proof"
A long term, flexible, non-tacky, dust resistant coating that will not crack, peel, flake or chip over a wide temperature range (-40°F to + 175°F). Adheres to most clean metal surfaces, with its handy aerosol form.
"Spatter-Mask" The Aerosol
"SPATTER-MASK", the Aerosol, features the outstanding properties of the original "SPATTER-MASK", and the convenience of aerosol packaging. The unique composition of "SPATTER-MASK", the Aerosol, is that unlike the standard aerosols on the market, no hazardous components are added.
"Under-Kote" is specially formulated for application to vehicle underbodies, especially after minor body work, to prevent rust and reduce noise.