Anti-Stick Protective Coating

  • Stops grass from sticking to mower
  • Simple to use - Just spray on
  • Leaves a protective coating
  • For use on all lawn and garden tools

Davies “Mow-Kleen” stops all grass from sticking to the bottom side of your lawn mower-allowing your mower to continuously work at full strength! Simply spray on the bottom of the mower to stop grass from causing a loss of power. “Mow-Kleen” also protects your lawn mower from rust by providing a protective coating to all surfaces while giving the surface anti-stick properties. “Mow-Kleen” also works wonderfully on all garden and outdoor tools such as: Shovels, Rakes, Hoes, Tillers, and Hand-Saws.

“Mow-Kleen” is a multi-purpose release agent that can be used as a lubricant, water repellent, and polish. The dry silicone film is non-flammable, colorless, odorless, heat-stable, and non-staining.

“Mow-Kleen” is equally effective on snow shovels and snow blowers, keeping the snow from sticking to surfaces. For best results, thoroughly clean the surfaces to be treated using steel wool on metals and wipe with a cleaning solvent if necessary. Spray a thin, light film. Remove excess with a clean cloth.