Dry Laundry Bleach
Davies “OXY-BOB” is a safe and versatile oxygen-based cleaner and bleach. “OXY-BOB” removes organic stains caused by food, grass, urine and more! Virtually any surface that is water-washable can be cleaned, de-stained, and deodorized with “OXY-BOB”.
"Safe Bleach"
Davies “SAFE-BLEACH” is a safe and versatile oxygen-based cleaner and deodorizer. “SAFE-BLEACH” removes organic stains caused by food, grass, urine and more!
Stain Remover, Deodorizer, Bleach
Davies "SUPER-KHLOR" is formulated to disinfect precleaned inanimate, hard surfaces such as walls, floors, sink tops, tables, chairs, telephones, and bed frames. Specifically designed for hospitals, food processing plants, dairies, restaurants, bars, animal quarters, kennels and institutions where disinfection, sanitization and deodorization are of prime importance.

Commerical Laundry

"Aqua Treat 200"
It is used extensively in laundries. When added to laundry water, it holds all iron and mineral content in suspension, thus, not allowing them to deposit on the laundered fabric.
"Break Away"
Davies “Break-Away” offers the laundry industry a unique, high performance product, a break and builder combined.
"De Terge"
Davies “De-Terge” offers institutional laundries a deep cleaning, effective detergent in a liquid form for automatic dispensing.
"Fabric Softener P-100"
Davies “Fabric Softener #100” is a concentrated powder that requires no mixing. It is ready to use direct from container (1/2oz per 100lbs. Of fabric).
"Rust Away"
Davies “Rust-Away” is a highly concentrated powder product, specifically designed for removing rust stains from fabrics. As this is a powder concentrated, it is highly economical to use.
"Soft n Sour"
Davies “Soft-N-Sour” is a dynamic double acting product that performs all the functions of the fabric softener and of the laundry sour.
"Stain B Gone"
Davies “Stain-B-Gone” offers the laundry several advantages over bleach. “Stain-B-Gone” not only whitens, but adds sparkle to colored fabrics as well.

Dry Cleaning

"Speed Spot"
Davies “Speed-Spot” is a special blend of volatile type solvents and penetrating agents to obtain maximum efficiency in removing grease, paint, tar and general soil from fabric.

Laundry Detergent

"Blue Power"
Davies “Blue Power”is a revolutionary new laundry detergent that makes use of “CLB”. “CLB” stands for Chemical Laundry Brightener, and insures that your whites and brights come out looking as good as new every time.
"Soft n Brite"
Davies “Soft-N-Brite” is used for commercial laundries and home use. Treated towels, diapers, and all knit goods feel soft, fluffy.
Top of the line Davies “WASH-O-BRITE” leaves your clothes smelling fresh and brand-new.
"Wash O Brite HE"
Top of the line Davies “WASH-O-BRITE HE” leaves your clothes smelling fresh and brand-new.

Laundry Prewash

"Blood - X"
DAVIES “BLOOD-X” is a most effective product to remove blood and other stubborn stains from fabrics.
"Cuff & Collar" Pre-Wash
“Cuff & Collar” Pre-Wash is a concentrated attack on tough, stubborn stains. “Cuff & Collar” on cooking grease, oil, grass, blueberry, coffee, lipstick, chocolate, mustard, and the normal everyday dirt stains.
"Easy Spot"
spray spotter with digestive action
"Rust Out"
Davies “Rust-Out” is tough on rust stains, but easy on fabric and color.
"Wet -O-Dry"
Wet-O-Dry” is a ‘well balanced’ general all around spotter


"Resista Flame"
“Resista Flame” (flame proofing) is a carefully balanced flameproofing formula. A special softening agent has been added to avoid any harshness or stiffness of a treated fabric, plus a special type penetrating formula to assist in the impregnation of the material being treated.
Davies “Shedz” is effective, all-purpose water proofer for many applications. This product is ideal for tents, rain coats, umbrellas, home and auto upholstery, etc.