"Soft n Brite"

Liquid Fabric Softener 

  • Super Softening
  • Reduces Static Cling
  • Freshens Laundry with Invigorating Outdoor Fragrance
  • Minimizes Lint Pick-Up 

DaviesSoft-N-Brite is used for commercial laundries and home use. Treated towels, diapers, and all knit goods feel soft, fluffy. Sheets, linens, and shirts are easier to iron; durable press fabrics have reduced wrinkling. Static cling and lint pick-up are easily prevented, with treated laundry being soft, pliable, and resilient. Noticeable results include faster and more complete extraction and drying, easier handling at shakeout and pressings, and more smooth travel through procession equipment. Fabrics treated with Soft-N-Brite show no yellowing, even after repeated laundry cycles.


For large loads (15lbs), use 2 fluid oz. Soft-N-Brite”, and for medium loads, 1 ½ fluid oz. For small loads, use 1 fluid ounce. Add Soft-N-Brite to final rinse water, not directly onto fabric. For machines with automatic softener dispenser, always dilute with equal amount of water. For hand washing, add ½ fluid ounce to final rinse water. When used as directed, Soft-N-Brite is safe for all washable fabrics. 

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