"Bright N Kleen"
“Bright-N-Kleen” carpet steam cleaner performs on even the most heavily soiled carpets. It quickly cuts through grease, grime, and removed imbedded shampoo residues.
"Dr. Spot"
Carpet and Upholstery Stain Remover
"Enzo Kleen 800"
The safe removal of stains and odor caused by soiling with feces, urine, vomitus and food, is a prime necessity in the laundry operations of all nursing homes, hospitals, childcare nurseries, restaurants and many other institutions.
“Karpet Brite” is a safe, fast, and inexpensive carpet cleaning system that really cleans the carpet instead of just plain washing.
Keeps rug & carpet fibers naturally resistant to soils & spills
A liquid, heavy duty cleaner and degreaser for use in steam extraction carpet machines specifically formulated for use in “Karpet Kleen No. 100” carpet steam cleaning machines.
Rug and upholstery shampoo concentrate
"No Shock"
an anti-static spray that prevents static shock by eliminating the static electricity generated from the atmosphere or generated by friction
"Odor - X"
Kills odor in carpets; Helps keep carpets clean; Kills bacteria in carpets; Leaves a beautiful fresh aroma in carpets
"Rust Out"
Davies “Rust-Out” is tough on rust stains, but easy on fabric and color.
"Speed Spot"
Davies “Speed-Spot” is a special blend of volatile type solvents and penetrating agents to obtain maximum efficiency in removing grease, paint, tar and general soil from fabric.