"Speed Spot"

A Speedy & Effective Fabric Spotter

Speed Spot

Davies “Speed-Spot” is a special blend of volatile type solvents and penetrating agents to obtain maximum efficiency in removing grease, paint, tar and general soil from fabric.  No rinsing of fabric or garment is necessary since “Speed-Spot” is completely volatile, thus will dry without leaving any residue on the fabric or garment. 

For Dry Cleaners

Professional dry cleaners have used “Speed-Spot” for many years as a touch-up spotter since “Speed-Spot” is absolutely safe on all fabrics and colors as well as for removing grease, paint and tar.

For Rug Cleaners

Professional rug cleaners have used “Speed-Spot” since 1949.  They use it as a touch-up spotter.  They use it to remove greases, oils, paint and tar.  “Speed-Spot” evaporates very rapidly, thus it makes an excellent touch-up spotter.

For the Automotive Industry

“Speed-Spot” is unexcelled for removing grease from fabric seats and removing tar, adhesives, tree sap and road film.


Saturate cloth, rub lightly over soiled area.  To avoid ringing of fabric, start from center of spot and rub with feathering action toward outer edge of spot.

“Speed-Spot”may be used anywhere where fabric spotting is needed.