Skin Care Products

Bar Soaps

Antiseptic Liquid Hand Soap
For Surgeons, Physicians, Dentists, Veterinarians, Nurses and Embalmers – dilute with 2 parts water. Follow the usual procedure for scrub up. Super-concentrated liquid soap formulated for use on hands and face. Produces high, silky lather that removes imbedded dirt and grime. Helps to prevent chapping, especially during fall and winter months. It’s action is similar to that of a fine cosmetic bar soap, plus lotion.
For use in food plants, restaurants, bakeries, dairies, public buildings, schools, and industrial plants – dilute with 3 parts water. Use in the same manner as ordinary dispenser toilet soap. Daily use will control the spread of infection, reduce bacteria on the skin.
"Body Guard"
Deodorant Soap
Davies "Body-Guard" is a most popular deodorant soap with a very pleasing aroma – competitive soap to Dial and Safeguard. These types of soaps are used extensively by nursing homes, industry, bath houses, fitness gyms, and schools. 144 2 ¾ oz. unwrapped bars per case.
Davies "Pumice" soap contains lanolin, glycerine, and volcanic pumice – a combination that cannot beat when cleaning up is too tough for ordinary soaps. The lanolin and glycerine content will leave the skin feeling soft and smooth. Volcanic pumice is used in Davies "Pumice" soap – volcanic pumice differs from ordinary pumice inasmuch that the pumice is naturally occuring mineral of volcanic origin. The porosity makes it extremely useful as a deep down cleanser. Volcanic pumice is very brittle; as you wash, pumice particles break into smaller shapes that provide additional cleaning surfaces. People prefer both the economy and the performance of Davies "Pumice" soap over Lava soap. 100 5oz. unwrapped bars per case.
Davies "Welsh-Spring" is a high quality complexion soap. It contains special moisturizers, refined coconut oil and Union Carbide’s special glycol. The coconut oil, sometimes referred to as coco butter, acts by slowing down evaporation of moisture from skins exterior layers. "Welsh-Spring " is a semi-hard mill which makes it long lasting and does not melt away like many of the competitive soaps. "Welsh-Spring" gives a high lather and leaves skin feeling smooth and fresh. "Welsh-Spring" is preferred by hospitals, nursing homes, bath houses, etc. 100 3oz. unwrapped bars per case.

Grit & Lotion Dispensers

One of our most popular Hand Soap Dispensers. Features a see-thru tank to monitor soap level and has a large push bar that meets ADA requirements. Dispenses approximately 1 cc per stroke and can accommodate a wide variety of DAVIES hand soaps as well as our "Instant Hand Sanitizer."

Liquid Hand Soaps

Coco Soap 40
Coco Soap is a top quality coconut-oil, liquid hand soap concentrate which produces rich lather and cleans deep, removing ground-in dirt and grime. Coco-soap contains lanolin and glycerin to sooth and help chapped hands and is ideal for delicate hands.
"Coco-Soap 15"
Coco Soap is a top quality coconut-oil, liquid hand soap concentrate which produces rich lather and cleans deep, removing ground-in dirt and grime. Coco-soap contains lanolin and glycerin to sooth and help chapped hands and is ideal for delicate hands.
“FOAMTASTIC” represents a chemical breakthrough in removing the most severe grease and grime using foaming action.
Kleen Hands represents a chemical breakthrough in removing the most severe grease and grime easily, yet being gentle. Kleen Hands will not clog drains the way some kerosene based products do. Pleasantly fragranced and works well in both hard and soft water environments.
"Lotion Grit"
For heavily greased hands "Lotion Grit" is not only unexcelled but economical as well. Just one gallon is equal to 5 cans of paste cleaner. Penetrates at once where paste soaps will lay on the surface. Lotion Grit contains super lanolin and other emolients which help prevent chapping, rough and dry skin.
"Orange Clean"
An essential hand cleaner for mechanics, painters, machinists, industrial workers, printers, maintenance men, assembly line and construction workers.
Davies Shower-Suds is an ideal blend of hard working cleaners and skin conditioners, for body shampoo application. Rich, thick lather deep cleans hair and skin, yet does not strip away essential oils. Shower-Suds contains self adjusting cleaners, that work hard only where needed, on oily skin. Shower-Suds is completely free rinsing, and will not leave a residual soap film. The product is specially pH buffered for extra mildness to the skin. Ideal for fitness centers, schools, country clubs and even home use.

Paste Hand Cleaners

A waterless hand cleaner with cream conditioners. Fish-B-Gone is the hygienic way to clean hands after cleaning fish to remove the "fishy" odor. Removes the toughest grease, yet leaves hands clean, soft and fresh smelling. Fish-B-Gone is a biodegradable, non-abrasive, non-caustic hand cleaner with pleasantly fragranced skin conditioners.
A conditioning hand cleaner that can be used both as a waterless hand cleaner or rinsed easily with water. Softie is a biodegradeable hand cleaner that safely removes tar, dye, moly, putty, mastic, paint, grease, asphalt, carbon, printer’s ink, rubber cement and many other hard to remove stains. Packaged in a convenient self-dispensing can, no dispenser is even needed.
A deep cleaning hand cleaner with volcanic pumice fortified with skin conditioning emollients. Pleasantly scented and fully biodegradable, Tuffie is for hands that are "really dirty."

Powder Soaps

"Big Dan"
Big Dan mechanics powdered hand soap is designed to clean the toughest and meanest grime man can soil his hands with. Big Dan contains pure soap to penetrate and cleanse, and highly active scrubbers to work out stubborn dirt and grime and wash it away. Big Dan contains no insoluble abrasives and will not clog sinks or drains. Big Dan is ideal for a multitude of cleaning instances, wherever heavy hand soils is to be cleaned. A special grade of lanolin is built in to help soothe hands.
"Dr. Jones"
Dr. Jones Powdered hand soap has been used with confidence by industry for many years. The fast sudsing, rich, soft lather effectively works in hard or soft water…hands are left soft, clean and smooth. Dr. Jones has all the desirable features of a heavy duty hand cleaner, indispensable for mechanics, printers, engineers, painters, drivers, garage workers, and general industrial personnel , yet is so mild , even the office staff will love it.
Dr. Jones combines maximum cleansing power with mildness to the skin. It owes its gentle effectiveness to the use of high quality powdered coconut soap, an effective grease-emulsifying detergent, a gentle abrasive, the best skin emollient known (lanolin), a bacteriostat to reduce the danger of skin infection and dermatitus. Leaves the hands with a soft fragrance.
"Dr. Roberts"
Dr. Roberts is a premium, powdered hand soap formulation and is designed for all hand use. Combination scrubbers are used to aid in soil removal, but do not abrade sensitive skin. Dr. Roberts lathers easily and its high foam power quickly cleans away dirt and soil. Cleaned hands are left "squeaky clean."
Dr. Roberts is used by mechanics, and other industrial workers to remove the heaviest oil and shop soil from hands. Because of its gentle cleansing, it can also be used by office personnel. Special anti-caking ingredients are used to ensure proper dispensing through standard powder dispensers.