"Dr. Jones"



  • Deep Cleaning
  • Tough on Soil
  • Easy on Hands


“DR. JONES” Powdered Hand Soap has been used with confidence by industry for many years.  The fast sudsing, rich, soft lather effectively works in hard or soft water…hands are left soft, clean and smooth.   


  • A rich quality powdered hand cleaner
  • High in powdered coconut soap for good suds
  • An effective synthetic detergent for heavy duty hand cleaning
  • A built-in water softener for use in hard water areas
  • Pleasantly scented

 Composition and Characteristics:

“DR. JONES” Powdered Hand Soap has all the desirable features of a heavy duty hand cleaner, indispensable for mechanics, printers, engineers, painters, drivers, garage workers, and general industrial personnel – yet is so mild, even the gals in the office will love it.

“DR. JONES” combines maximum cleansing power with mildness to the skin.  It owns it’s gentle effectiveness to the use of high quality powdered coconut soap, an effective grease-emulsifying detergent, a gentle abrasive, the best skin emollient known (lanolin), a bacteriostat to reduce the danger of skin infection