Ground Control Products

Herbicides & Weed Control

"Aqua Blue"
Bluing Agent for Ponds
Davies "AQUA BLUE" offers effective pond weed control without the detriment of harm to fish, swimmers or irrigation crops.
"Aqua-Weed #200"
Aquatic Granular Herbicide
Davies “AQUA-WEED #200” is an effective, concentrated Herbicide that is ideal for control of aquatic weeds and algae in ponds and lakes.
"Kill-Weed #100"
Long Lasting Soil Sterilant
Davies "KILL-WEED #100" is a time proven product that not only kills existing weeds, but sterilizes the soil to prevent further vegetation growth.
"Kill-Weed #200"
Water Soluble Soil Sterilant
Davies "KILL-WEED #200" is for non-selective weed control to be used in areas such as parking lots, fence rows, railroad sidings, drainage ditch banks, storage yards, around buildings, or industrial sites.
Broad Leaf Weed Killer
Davies "WEED-X" is a concentrate that mixes with water and controls broadleaf weeds (dandelion, ragweed, etc.) completely. This product is ideal for lawns, golf courses, parks, etc. Application can be with garden sprayers or larger motorized equipment, using care to prevent drift onto desirable plants.

Ice Melting Compound

"Davies Ice Blast"
"Davies Ice Blast" provides expeditious, affordable, and safe ice and snow removal.


All Purpose Spray Adjuvant
Davies "AGRI-WET" is an all purpose agricutural spreader-penetrant, and has many applications. For agricultural use, it is used as an irrigation aid and dispersant for herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides.
Natural Bio-Cleaner For Ponds
Davies "Pond-Aid" is an effective, natural first-aid for the normal problems associated with ponds.
"Root B Gone"
The “ROOT-B-GONE” formula has been the standard of the sewer industry for forty years to remove roots in sewer lines. Periodic treatment will maintain good flow throughout root-problem sewer lines.

Marking Paint

"Easy Stripe"
"Easy Stripe" is an efficient, high solids, long lasting, inverted spray paint for parking lots, playgrounds, tennis courts, and more.