"Aqua-Weed #200"

This pond is overgrown with weeds and algae - looks like a perfect candidate for "Aqua-Weed #100"!
  • Controls algae and aquatic weeds in ponds, lakes
  • Economical to use
  • Highly concentrated
  • Government approved

Davies “AQUA-WEED #200” is an effective, concentrated Herbicide that is ideal for control of aquatic weeds and algae in ponds and lakes.  Algae and many aquatic plants detract from the appearance of lake property, as well as diminishes recreational use.  Periodic treatment with “AQUA-WEED #200” can effectively control and eliminate undesirable aquatic plant life at low cost.

“AQUA-WEED #200” is applied at a normal rate of 1.0 lb. per acre foot of water.  This means if a 3 acre pond is four feet (average) deep, 12 lbs. Are needed.  If the water has M. alkalinity greater than 50 ppm, then up to 5 lbs. Per acre foot should be used.  Application is by solution spray, or by placing “AQUA-WEED #200” crystals in “Aqua Weed 200 Dispenser Bag” and dragging behind a boat or securing to a water contact structure.

To minimize fish loss, only treat 1/3 of lake at one time and wait 14 days before further treatment.  As plant life dies, oxygen is absorbed, and fish may suffocate.  Most fish are not bothered with normal treatment levels.  Normal usage level likewise presents no health hazards to humans or animal contact.