Swim Pool Products


Chlorine Reducer for Swimming Pools
"De-Klor" is used to reduce excess pool chlorine levels after superchlorination (shock treatment).
DAVIES "SUN-SCREEN" is a 100% active chlorine stabilizer and conditioner for swim pools. DAVIES "SUN-SCREEN" prevents sunlight from removing chlorine from pool water, thus saving chlorine and enabling it to clean and sanitize more effectively.


"Pool Kleer"
Chemical Vacuum Floculant
"Pool-Kleer" is a chemical vacuum floculant. It grabs onto microscopic dirt and removes it at the filter. "Pool-Kleer" adds sparkle to pool water.
Fast Acting Scum Line & Deck Cleaner
"Pool-Kleen is an effective cleaner of pool scum line and deck surfaces. Scum line deposits are composed of oils, dirt, and minerals and are easily cleaned away with "Pool-Kleen".


"Filter-Kleen" is a concentrated filter cleaner for spring or fall filter cleaning and removes mineral deposits, rusts, oils, etc. to keep filters running at optimum efficiency. Ideal for cartridge or earth filters.
Silica Sand Q
"Filter-Sand" is a highly refined, specially graded Silica Sand Q for optimum filtration and durability.
Sand Filter Optimizer
"Sand-Kote" greatly improves sand filter efficiency. "Sand-Kote" removes smaller particles than does a sand filter Q, and also removes oils. Water clarity is sparkling with "Sand-Kote".
Filter Powder
"Super-Flo" is one of the very highest quality filter powders on the present day market. It will give you "sharp" filtration that removes all thermophiles and unwanted solids. The unmatched purity of "Super-Flor" results in a lower net density, providing greater surface coverage . . . users report substantial filtration economy.


"Pool Guard"
Davies “Pool Guard” is an effective protector against freezing for all swimming pool piping, equipment.

Water Conditioning

Water Hardness Booster
"Calci-Plus" boosts water hardness. Intended for soft water to protect concrete. Water based.
"Water-Brite" prevents "ring around the pool", and scum lines due to water hardness. Also helps prevent staining due to iron or copper.

pH Balance

Liquid pH Reducer
Highly Active Liquid pH Reducer. "Pool-Acid" is used in very hard (12 grains or more) pool water using "Pool-Khlor".
pH Reducer
"pH-Minus" is a safe, 100% active powder that lowers pH in pools.
"pH-Minus" for Hard Water
Powdered pH Reducer for Hard Water
"pH-Minus" for Hard Water is a safe, 100% active powder that lowers pH in pools.
Powdered pH Raiser
Safe, 100% active powder that raises pH in pools; must be used with gas chlorinators.
Alkaline Booster
pH-Buffer boots pool water total alkalinity to prevent pH bounce. pH-Buffer is used in low alkalinity water.