For All Sand Filters


America's Favorite Municipal Filter Sand is Now Available for Residential Pool Market...

We now offer our customers the same high quality white silica filter sand municipalities have been specifying for more than 100 years!

DAVIES "FILTER-SAND" is white silica sand of extreme purity.  It cleans pool water and keeps it clear for worry-free water enjoyment.  This sand is inert, odorless, ecologically safe and will not solidify.  It will not stain and will help prevent clogging. 

DAVIES "FILTER-SAND" can easily be backwashed.  It filters out dirt, dust, all insoluble soil such as leaves and insects, etc.

DAVIES "FILTER-SAND" is washed, dried, specially graded and selected to meet the precise specifications of major pool and sand filter manufacturers.  It meets all AWWA recommendations for filter media (B-100).  Effective grain size is .45-.55mm.

We offer these fine sands at prices equal to common, less effective, less highly processed filter sands.

100 lb. bag equals 1 cu. ft. volume.