Aircraft Products


Aircraft Boot Anti-Icer 100
Davies' Aircraft Boot Anti-Icer 100 prevents ice from adhering to aircraft wing boots for up to 50 hours.
Aircraft De-Icing Fluids
DAVIES “DE-ICING FLUID TYPE I” meets the latest SAE Type I and AMS 1424 specifications for aircraft de-icing. Propylene glycol is used in this product, to ease health and environmental concerns. DAVIES “DE-ICING FLUID TYPE IV” meets the latest SAE Type II and AMS 1428 specifications for aircraft ice retardation.
"Safe-Melt Granular"
Davies “SAFE-MELT” GRANULAR represents all of the best technology in runway deicing. “SAFEMELT” GRANULAR features fast ice-melting action, even at very low temperatures (0° F). This product is a non-corrosive, safe on the environment, and complies with FAA specs.
"Safe-Melt Liquid"
Liquid Airport Runway/Taxiway De-Icer
Davies “SAFE-MELT” Liquid represents all of the best technology in runway deicing. “SAFE-MELT” Liquid features fast ice melting action, even at very low temperatures (-20° F).
Davies “TKS-FLUID” meets the rigid DTD 406-B British specification for wing, tail and propeller de-icing systems. “TKS-FLUID” is used in Raytheon aircraft, Hawker, Sidley, Dehaviland, Cirrus Design’s SR-22, (and others) with the TKS de-icing system.

Cleaner and Polish

"Aero Wash N Wax"
Davies “Aero Wash-N-Wax” is a chemical breakthrough in liquid aircraft wash technology. It makes it possible to thoroughly wash and wax your plane in one operation!
"Aero-Kleen #100"
Aircraft Cleaner Concentrate
This formulation represents a breakthrough in detergent, solvent cleaning. Double detergent action is coupled with grease cutting solvents that effectively remove dirt and grime, but is mild on aircraft finishes.
"Aero-Kleen #400"
D.O.T. Aircraft Detergent
The only aircraft detergent with - - POSITIVE EMULSION - - an emulsion so strong, oil will not redeposit (will not settle out on the surface before the job is finished) thus leaving a dull finish after washing.
"Aero-Prep #500"
“Aero-Prep #500” has some rather remarkable characteristics - - - it is unexcelled for safety and quickly removing exhaust stains as well as emulsifying and removing heavy grease and soil deposits before shampooing.
An aircraft windscreen cleaner that meets all approvals: MIL P5425 sheet acrylic plastic, Boeing Lexan 9600, MIL P2569OA stretched modified acrylic sheet, BMS-89-135, CSD-1 aircraft transparencies and sandwich corrosion. Positively increases the pilot's visibility under all conditions.
Davies "Speed Wax" is ideal for the professional aircraft maintenance person or co-pilot who are short on time, to get a lasting showroom finish.
Davies “Strut-Guard” is specially designed and formulated to quickly and easily remove oils, greases, and accumulated dust and dirt from landing gear struts.

Cloths, Pads & Materials

"Aero-Drip Pads"
“Aero-Drip Pads” offer the opportunity to maintain clean and stain free hanger floors, while minimizing clean up time.
"Aero-Tech Wipes"
Davies “AERO-TECH WIPES” blends the micro-fiber cloth technology, with the special needs of the aircraft cleaning industry.
“Aero-Wipes” are made of low-lint, hydro-entangled, polyester-cellulose material that gives excellent absorption rate and capacities, with unbelievable strength.

Floor Cleaner

"Floor-Kleen #125"
Floor Cleaner
Davies "FLOOR-KLEEN #125" exhibits excellent cleaning efficiency with very low foam. This product is used for both cleaning and stripping. A specially compounded cleaning system is utilized for fast soil removal, which is chemically suspended and then removed with the wet vacuum.
"Top Gun"
"Top Gun" is a special compounded detergent system that is the 'best of the best' when it comes to cleaning aircraft hangar floors.


"Aero Leather"
Davies “AERO LEATHER” is truly an outstanding dressing for airplane leather and upholstery.
“DE-FLUSH” is an effective deodorant, which chemically neutralizes and destroys toilet waste odors. Dilutes instantly with water to form a blue solution with a pleasant fragrance and long lasting odor neutralizing action.
"Kleen-Seats #100"
Aircraft Upholstery Cleaner Concentrate
Davies “KLEEN-SEATS” is a fast acting detergent that deep cleans virtually all-aircraft interior surfaces.


"Top Flight" Aircraft Cabin Care Kit
Top-quality products from D.W. Davies & Co., Inc. for maintaining the functionality, beauty, and safety of aircraft interiors.
"Top Flight" Aircraft Exterior Maintenance Kit
Top-quality products from D.W. Davies & Co., Inc. for maintaining the functionality, beauty, and safety of aircraft exteriors.


Aircraft Water-Methanol
Specific Mixtures for Rolls-Royce and Garrett Aircraft Engines
Davies “Aircraft Water-Methanol” mixtures are produced exactly to the specifications of the engine manufacturer.