"Aero-Prep #500"

Aero-Prep #500
  • Removes exhaust stains
  • Emulsifies and removes grease
  • Biodegradable
  • Nonflammable
  • Nontoxic

“Aero-Prep #500” has some rather remarkable characteristics - - - it is unexcelled for safety and quickly removing exhaust stains as well as emulsifying and removing heavy grease and soil deposits before shampooing. It is a synergistic product that has many different applications such as removing and emulsifying grease from engines as well as removing grease from concrete floors. The versatility of “Aero-Prep #500” makes it a very economical product. It may even be used for washing the entire aircraft in dilute form. “Aero-Prep #500” is biodegradable, nonflammable and nontoxic. Rinse free of film and residues.

“Aero-Prep #500” is manufactured primarily for the aircraft industry, however, it has found its way into many other types of industrial and institutional facilities due to the versatility of “Aero-Prep #500”. It is used by automotive shops, fleet maintenance shops, and garages to clean and remove oil and grease spills from concrete floors and bay areas. The product will clean and brighten white wall tires and also is used in cleaning vinyl car tops in dilute proportions – excellent for dirty truck beds, rubber floor mats and a good engine degreaser.


“Aero-Prep #500 must be rinsed immediately after using. DO NOT allow “Aero-Prep #500” to dry on any surface!!

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