Housekeeping Products


"Apple Blossum"
Air Freshener
Davies "APPLE-BLOSSUM" is a most effective air freshener without the high price of aerosols. Ideal for hotels, motels, restaurants, etc. wherever there is public contact and odor problems. Has a pleasant fresh fragrance. Non-staining, and all surface safe.
Deodorant Cleaner with Mint Fragrance
Davies "MINT-KLEEN" is especially recommended for: general cleaning and deodorizing of floors, walls, musty basements, sinks, bathrooms, toilets, urinals, garbage receptacles, toilet seats, refrigerators, cooling rooms, hospitals and sickroom use, and general household use.
Smoke Odor Control
Davies "ODOR-B-GONE" dissolves and removes the odor-causing impurities from "burned out" areas without heavy "masking" perfumes. Eliminates smoke odors from buildings and automobiles damaged by fires.
Carpet & Room Freshener
Davies "ODOR-X" kills static and odor in carpets. Helps control mold, mildew and fungus, killing bacteria and leaving a beautiful fresh aroma in carpets.
Pine Oil Detergent
Davies "PINE-KLEEN" cleans and deodorizes in one operation and will not stain, is unaffected by organic matter and is inexpensive to use. Is nontoxic, noncaustic, nonirritating, and noncorrosive. Will not injure body tissue, fabrics, or metals. Unlike other pine cleaners, it does not leave the pungent odors of pine oil or leave a greasy or gummy film.
Davies "SUPER-SCENT" products offer effective room deodorizing with pleasant, fresh smelling fragrances. Overpowers the toughest odors, leaving pleasant fresh smelling fragrances.

Dishwashing Detergent

Davies "Dish-Brite" is an automatic dishwashing granular detergent for use in home dishwashers.
"Econo Suds"
An affordable dish wash detergent for medium to low soil loads.
Hand Dishwashing Liquid
Davies "GREEN-MAGIC" is our top of the line dishwashing product, a time proven, premium grade dishwashing liquid. Fast working, free rinsing, and gentle to the hands!
"Sparkle Dri"
Davies “SPARKLE DRI” rinse agent leaves your dishes, glasses and flatware sparkling clean with every wash.
“SUDSEE” is non-ionic hand dishwash detergent for use in areas that have extremely hard water (12 grains or more).
"Sun Drop"
"Sun Drop" is our top of the line dishwashing product, a time proven, premium grade dishwashing liquid.

Domestic Products

Citrus Degreaser and Cleaner
Davies "CITRO-GEL" is the superior extra-heavy-duty industrial and institutional degreaser and cleaner for use on virtually any surface to remove grease, caulk, adhesive, oil, gum and more!
Glass Cleaner Concentrate
Davies "GREEN-KLEEN" is a versatile and economical concentrate that meets the demand for economy with quality. Also an economical and versatile cleaner that meets the demands of cleaning windows in sub-zero weather.
Conditioning Hair Shampoo
Davies "IMPRESS" features the current hair shampoo technology to achieve good cleaning, yet mild to hair and scalp, and conditioning to the hair. Remove oils and soils from hair, but do not 'dry-out' hair. Protein and natural 'Henna' are used to condition and beautify hair.
Natural Pure Vegetable Oil-No Additives
Davies "JELL-CONCENTRATE" is a high efficiency all-purpose cleaner compound with water conditioners. Especially recommended for cleaning hard floors, ceramic tile, marble, mosaic, terrazzo, concrete, etc., where it actually restores floors to their original color and beauty.
Furniture Polish with Carnauba Wax
Davies "LEMON-SHINE" cleans, dusts, polishes, protects, removes fingerprints, smudges, grease marks, stains. Leaves a hard protective water resistant, dust free finish on all types of furniture, table tops, chrome, stainless steel, brass, plastic and formica, ceramic and plastic tile, vinyl and leather upholstery.
Furniture Polish with Brighteners
Davies "LEMON-WAX" will remove stains, smudges and fingerprints. Leaves a clean, bright finish. Clean, natural lemon fragrance freshens the air.
Davies "MAGIC-GLASS" formula is designed specifically to clean glass. A balanced formula for control drying. Thus, it eliminates the need for hard rubbing to prevent streaks. Washes away grease, general soil, and fingerprints from glass, chrome, stainless steel, tile and plastic without streaking.
"Metal & Plastic Polish"
Davies “Metal & Plastic Polish” is a non-toxic, fast acting metal cleaner, polish, and protector, that also removes graffiti and scuff marks from plastic.
Spray Cleaner Degreaser
Davies "MIST-A-WAY" ready to use cleaning power quickly dissolves grease, oil, grime. Safe to use on all surfaces. Has a pleasant almond fragrance.
Furniture Polish
Davies "NU-TUTCH" restores natural oils to furniture and wall paneling, giving furniture and paneling a 'like new' appearance. Will lock in dust, holding it tightly and flushes out extremely easily in the laundry water.
Davies "PET-SHAMPOO" is specifically formulated to give optimum performance for cleaning pets from top to bottom. Hi-sudsing for deep cleaning action. This highly concentrated pH balanced formula also has a pleasant perfume fragrance.

Odor Control

"Honeysuckle Rose"
“Honeysuckle Rose” air and surface deodorizer concentrate kills bad odors in hospitals, hotels, veterinary centers, industrial plants, airplanes, bathrooms, boats, buses, trains, garbage cans, and replaces it with the light “Honeysuckle Rose” fragrance.
"Odor Ban 100"
Actually everywhere you find the need to remove offensive odors including cigarette and cigar smells! “Odor-Ban” No. 100 is the new, effective method to maintain the fresh clean smell in every area of any business establishment.
"Sweet Sue"
Use a fresh approach to the difficult problem of controlling offensive odors in sewage plants, lagoons, aerators, sewer mains and laterals and for garbage containers and dumps. It effectively neutralizes odors without harming bacterial action in digesters, lagoons, filters, septic tanks or drain fields.
"Vo Go"
Makes short work of any mess! Instant action pleasantly scented deodorizing absorbent. It instantly absorbs and deodorizes… unpleasant odors vanish instantly… the fast, easy, sanitary way to cover-up and pick-up vomitus, child mishaps, pet mistakes, laboratory unpleasantness, and other troublesome spillage

Sanitizers & Disinfectants

Odor Neutralizer
Davies "BIG-JOHN" chemically counteracts odors at their source. Recommended for use with any recreational vehicle or boat toilets, airplane toilets and holding tanks.
Chemical Toilet Deoderant
Davies "SWEET-FLUSH" effectively and quickly breaks down waste. Ideal for RV, marine, aircraft, buses, portable toilets, holding tanks, etc. Is completely biodegradeable, and has a unique pleasant scent.

Stain Remover

"Cuff & Collar" Pre-Wash
“Cuff & Collar” Pre-Wash is a concentrated attack on tough, stubborn stains. “Cuff & Collar” on cooking grease, oil, grass, blueberry, coffee, lipstick, chocolate, mustard, and the normal everyday dirt stains.
"Enviro Kleen Roof"
Davies “Enviro Kleen Roof” is formulated to add years to your roofs life and safely clean your roofing, adding curb appeal in the process.
"Mold & Mildew Remover"
Davies "Mold & Mildew Remover" is a safe and versatile hydrogen peroxide-based cleaner and bleach.
Davies "Spot-X" carpet stain remover is a USDA authorized water base spot and stain remover.

Washroom Products

Drain Opener
Davies "DRAIN-KLEEN" it totally effective on greases and normal drain line blockage. Ideal for hospitals, schools, etc. Odorless.
Non-Acid Toilet Bowl & Urinal Cleaner
Davies "BOWL-KLEEN" is an institutional strength non-acid toilet bowl cleaner. Mainly used in schools, nursing homes, etc. where the policy calls for non-acid cleaners for toilet bowls and urinals.
Citrus Based Grease Trap, Drain Cleaner
DAVIES CITRUS CLEANER 400" is faster acting than enzyme or enzyme and bacterial culture type products. keeps grease traps, drains, septic tank drain fields, dry wells, cesspools, free of grease and foul grease odors.
"Enviro Kleen WRC"
Non-Acidic Washroom Cleaner
Davies "ENVIRO-KLEEN WRC" is a double active product that can be used by every industry or institution. Special liquid enzymes are built into the product, for waste digestion in drain lines and septic systems, with special cleaners so that odor causing soil is completely removed from floors, walls, refuse containers, etc.
"Enzo Kleen 100"
Liquid Enzyme Waste & Odor Digester
Davies "ENZO-KLEEN #100" is a double active product that can be used by every industry or institution. Special liquid enzymes are built into the product, for waste digestion in drain lines and septic systems, with special cleaners so that odor causing soil is completely removed from floors, walls, refuse containers, etc.
"Foam-Ban # 100"
Anti-Foam Concentrate
Davies "FOAM-BAN" is an easy to use anti foam concentrate, that quickly knocks down foam in secondary tanks. To be used for controlling foam in aerator tanks of sewage disposal plants. Safe to Use.
Grease and Slime Dissolver
Davies "GREASE-BAN's" unique formula emulsifies grease...renders it liquid and free-flowing. It will not harden again! This exceptional chemical action takes place not only in drain lines but continues to work throughout the entire drainage system. Also controls odors. Ideal for sewage control plants, sludge beds, drains, grease traps, pumps, lines, man holes, etc.
"Kleen N Brite"
Davies “Kleen-N-Brite” is specially formulated to quickly clean and polish with ease. Quickly restores luster to all metals, and is unexcelled for: stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum, and porcelain. Just apply liberal amount on surface and wipe clean; rinse with tap water.
"Porcelain Cleaner"
With just a few sprays, Davies “Porcelain Cleaner” blasts away stubborn stains and build-up, restoring bathrooms to a sparkling new shine.
"Throne Power"
NO AMOUNT of scrubbing or mechanical action will remove the urine, salts, scales, and rusts that accumulate in these hidden odor zones. Perfume blocks and other camouflage methods only mask the odor temporarily but they can be quickly and fully eliminated by “Throne Power” and its dissolving action.
Chlorinated Cleanser
Cleans, brightens and polishes: porcelain, enamel, sinks, bathtubs, tile surfaces, stoves, brass, chrome, stainless steel, excellent for whitewall tires.
"Wild Tiger"
Davies “Wild-Tiger” is an ideal cleaner for removing difficult rust and water mineral stains. This unique product effectively removes rust, tarnish, coffee, and tea stains, smoke discoloration, heat tint, and salt-water corrosion without hard rubbing.
"kream Kleen"
Davies “Kream-Kleen” represents the best of cream cleansers on the market. Special detergents and builders remove the toughest stains, leaving behind a fine, polished surface.