Non-Acid Toilet Bowl & urinal cleaner

  • Non-Poisonous, Non-Acid Formula
  • Removes Rust, Lime, and Stains
  • Commercial Strength
  • Detergent Action for Deep Cleaning
  • Non-Fuming, Safe Formula

Davies “Bowl-Kleen No.320” is an institutional strength non-acid toilet bowl cleaner. This type of product is mainly used in schools, nursing homes, etc. where the policy calls for non-acid cleaners for toilet bowls and urinals. Heavy-duty water mineral conditioners are blended in “Bowl-Kleen No.320” to dissolve minerals and stains. Special cleaners and detergents are also built in for better cleaning results.

Directions: To dissolve mineral & stain accumulations in the toilet bowl, remove all water and generously apply cleaner to Johnny mop and swab entire surface.  Allow a few minutes for chemical action, rinse, and re-apply as necessary. Pour 10 ounces “Bowl-Kleen No.320” down drain or into bowl, allow 15 minutes, and rinse for thorough pipe cleaning. 

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