Conditioning Hair Shampoo 

  • Fortified with Henna & Protein
  • Self adjusting to hair oils
  • Pleasantly perfumed
  • PH balanced for mildness
  • Rich, copious suds 

Davies “Impress” features the current Hair Shampoo technology to achieve good cleaning, yet mild to hair and scalp, and conditioning to the hair. Effective cleaners remove the oils and soils from hair, but do not ‘dry-out’ hair. Protein and natural ‘Henna’ are used to condition and beautify hair. The pH is balanced to favor skin and eyes. “Impress” also features the latest technology of conditioning, self-adjusting cleaners, which clean oily hair, but does not strip non-oily hair of essential oils.

The natural hair conditioners in “Impress” adds shine, luster, and body to hair, and actually enhances the natural hair color. The professional Beautician will appreciate these results on her customer. Due to the concentrated effectiveness of “Impress” a second suds is seldom needed to obtain desired cleaning.