"Mold & Mildew Remover"

Oxygenated Cleaner

Mold & Mildew Remover removed this nasty mold buildup in a snap. Just by removing the mold buildup, this house looks brand new.
  • RVs
  • Tents
  • Awnings
  • Sidings
  • Concrete
  • Fences
  • Boats
  • Canvas
  • Houses
  • Sheds
  • Garage
  • Grout

Davies "Mold & Mildew Remover" is a safe and versatile hydrogen peroxide-based cleaner and bleach. "Mold & Mildew Remover" removes organic stains caused by food, grass, urine and more! Virtually any surface that is water-washable can be cleaned, de-stained, and deoderized with "Mold & Mildew Remover".


Always test for colorfastness by applying "Mold & Mildew Remover" to an inconspicuous area and allowing it to dry. Do not use on silk, wool, or leather. Do not use on carpets or rugs if there is a warranty issue.

Do not mix with chlorine bleach.

  1. Spray or pour solution on soiled area.
  2. Wait 1-5 minutes.
  3. Rinse with clean water and allow to dry.
  4. Old stains may require additional treatment.
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