"Cuff & Collar" Pre-Wash

Cuff'n Collar Pre-Wash bottle.

“Cuff & Collar” Pre-Wash is a concentrated attack on tough, stubborn stains. “Cuff & Collar” on cooking grease, oil, grass, blueberry, coffee, lipstick, chocolate, mustard, and the normal everyday dirt stains.

“Cuff & Collar” is safe for all white or colorfast fabrics as well as synthetics. Use on all washables including children’s clothes, shirts, linens, tablecloths, blouses, work clothes, cuffs and collars. If you can wash it, you can pre-wash it with “Cuff & Collar” Pre-Wash.


Lift cap. Squeeze “Cuff & Collar” directly on stain. Allow “Cuff & Collar” to penetrate the stain, then wash as you normally would. For tough stains, repeat if necessary.

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