• Unexcelled for Long Hair
  • Hi-Sudsing, Deep Cleaning Action
  • Mild to Skin
  • Highly Concentrated
  • Specially pH Balanced
  • Pleasant Perfume Fragrance

Davies “Pet Shampoo” is specially formulated to give optimum performance for cleaning pets from top to bottom.  High-sudsing and deep-cleaning action is coupled with exceptional mildness to clean our beloved pets.  “Pet Shampoo” is pH balanced at 5.5, the optimum level for skin contact without irritation.  Special perfuming chemicals are added to aid in freshening up the pets coat.

Actual usage of “Pet Shampoo” will vary between pets and pet owners.  However, a suggested procedure is to wet the pet with water, add “Pet Shampoo” and work up a lather in the fur, rinsing thoroughly with fresh water and toweling dry.

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