"Sun Drop"

Hand Dishwashing Liquid

Vintage-style art depicting dishes being washed.
  • High Power Cleaning Action
  • Fast Acting, Free Rinsing
  • Ideal for Greasy Pans
  • Gentle to the Hands
  • Strong Penetrating Action
  • Highly Concentrated

“SUN DROP” is our top of the line dishwashing product, a time proven, premium grade dishwashing liquid. “SUN DROP” is highly concentrated, fast working, free rinsing, and gentle to hands! “SUN DROP” is ideal for sink cleaning operations, and automatic dispensing systems are available. “SUN DROP” is thick and rich, with outstanding cleaning performance, and stands alone and above competition. “SUN DROP” is used from ½ to ¼ oz. per gallon of water, depending on severity of grease. “SUN DROP” is ideal for literally all pot and pan cleaning operations.

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