Drain Opener

* No mixing     * No odor     * No boiling

“Drain-Kleen” does NOT contain any acid. It is made up of special chelating agents, penetrating agents, activators, potassium hydroxide as well as sodium hydroxide. This formula is quite a unique blend that does do an outstanding job – it does not give off a bad odor; in fact, it is odorless. “Drain-Kleen”has a great advantage over acid base products in as much as it is a safer product to use - - it doesn’t produce a violent boiling action as does acid base products. “Drain-Kleen”is totally effective on greases and normal drain line blockage such as hospitals, schools, etc. would have. Our product,‘Klear-All’is an acid base product, which, of course, is effective on all organic matter, even roots of trees.

Sell Davies “Drain-Kleen” wherever there are normal grease blockages of drain lines and for daily maintenance of drain lines – it is unexcelled for these applications.


*Partly clogged drains use 1 cup drainer, allow to set for 30 min then follow with 1 cup of hot water.

* Small drains & Toilets 1 pint  * 3-4” drains – 1 qt  * 6-8” drains – 2qt.

Allow to stand for 15 minutes and flush with hot water

For cesspools – Use 4 qt. To each 250 gallon capacity and insert through hose to bottom of pool.

For grease traps – Use at least 1 qt.

Important Note: Hospitals, hotels, institutions – should treat basement drains first – then upper floors. By the time top level is reached, all drains will be free flowing.