Odor Neutralizer

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An effective deodorant, which chemically neutralizes and destroys toilet waste odors. Recommended for use with any recreational vehicle or boat toilets, airplane toilets and holding tanks.

Dilutes instantly with water with a pleasant mint fragrance and long lasting odor neutralizing action.

Chemically counteracts odors at their source. Non-corrosive to all metals used in toilets. Will not soften or damage rubber or plastic components. “Big-John” provides for rapid dispersing and is non-flammable having no flashpoint. “Big-John” is completely biodegradable. It will not inhibit the bacterial action in sewage treatment plants. “Big-John” has a mild green color and a heavy penetrating fragrance. “Big-John” contains pacifying agents to produce superior hiding power. “Big-John” is used 1oz. Per gallon of water.