Citrus based grease trap, drain cleaner
Eliminates the need for manually cleaning out grease traps

Natural Citrus

Grease traps in restaurants, hospitals, cafeterias, and meat packing plants must be kept clean. In most cases, this is done every week or 2 by removing grease trap cover and manually cleaning out the grease. This is no longer necessary with NEW, QUICK ACTING DAVIES CITRUS CLEANER 400.
This unique formula emulsifies grease. Keeps it liquid so that the solution is flushed out of the grease trap and drain lines. By keeping grease traps and drained lines free of grease. Foul grease odors are also removed and replaced with the fresh scent of citrus.
DAVIES CITRUS CLEANER 400 is non-acid, non-caustic. Will not harm metals or action of septic tank It can be put through garbage disposal units and plastic piping

Excellent cleaning

DAVIES CITRUS CLEANER 400 is faster acting than enzyme or enzyme and bacterial culture type products.

To keep grease traps, drains, septic tank drain fields, dry wells, cesspools, free of grease and foul grease odors, use DAVIES CITRUS CLEANER 400 on a programmed basis.

Davies ‘Grease Ban’ has slightly stronger solvent action on severe grease deposits, but is not recommended for plastic pipe use. DAVIES CITRUS CLEANER 400 works nearly as well as ‘Grease Ban’ and has the nicer citrus smell


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