Pine Oil Detergent 

Stronger… Deodorant Action

Milder… Pine Forest Fragrance

You get an extra bonus in good will because patrons and employees like “Pine Kleen’s” sweet and gentle pine forest fragrance. “Pine Kleen” forms a rich white emulsion. “Pine Kleen” is made under the supervision of a trained chemist who carefully tests each batch. “Pine Kleen” possesses the fragrant aroma of a pine forest.

“Pine Kleen” dilutes freely with water giving a pure white emulsion, which does not separate on standing. It is nontoxic, non-caustic, non-irritating and non-corrosive. “Pine Kleen” will not injure body tissue, fabric or metals.

“Pine Kleen” cleans and deodorizes in 1 operation and will not stain, is unaffected by organic matter and is inexpensive to use.

When diluted with water it may be used for spraying, mopping, wiping, or scrubbing in such places as schools, factories, public buildings, public conveyances, hotels, hospitals, laundries, churches, theaters, jails, locker rooms, swimming pools and shower rooms. It is excellent for washing floors, clothes, (removes many stains) walls, sinks, drains, telephones, toilet seats, and floors around urinals.

“Pine Kleen” is a new type of pine oil detergent that not only cleans and makes air delightfully fragrant. Unlike other pine cleaners it does not leave the pungent odors of pine oil, or leave a greasy or gummy film. It is entirely soluble in water giving a pure white emulsion. It is scientifically controlled, and therefore will always run uniform. 

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