Glass Cleaner Concentrate

*Effective in freezing Temperatures 

Green-Kleen is a versatile and economical concentrate that meets the demand for economy with quality. It contains the same high quality cleaning ingredients as regular industrial household Magic Glass, so when you dilute 6 to 1, you can be certain of excellent results on windows and all other recommended surfaces. The brilliant green color makes rapid identity.

Green-Kleen is also an economical and versatile cleaner that meets the demands of cleaning windows in sub-zero weather. Green-Kleencan be used straight in sub-zero weather or it can be diluted for above freezing weather.



0◦F. Or below

use without dilution

25◦F to 0◦F

dilute with 1 part water

32◦F to 25◦F

ditute with 2 parts water

32◦F and over

dilute with 7 parts water

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